Reiki with Jackie

Jackie Drake, Reiki Master Teacher

Jackie was inspired to learn how energy can help healing and in 2016 began studying Reiki. She received her Reiki Level I certificate and soon after went on to complete Reiki Level II. It became evident to Jackie that Reiki Healing was her calling in life, and she dedicated her efforts to honing her skill and sharing benefits with others. In early 2019 she completed the Reiki Master Teacher training and received her Reiki Master certificate.


Working as a Reiki Practitioner, she is able to help her clients relieve stress, find relaxation and determine if they have chakras which are out of balance. By setting up a plan designed for each individual need, Jackie will help you to achieve the balance and peace you have been seeking. As a Reiki Master, Jackie is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of healing energy with others who are ready to start their journey. Jackie offers one-on-one sessions for stress relief and relaxation. Schedule an appointment with Jackie today.

Reiki Certification

Ready to start your Reiki journey? Reiki Level I Class is the starting point. Already have your Reiki Level I certificate and ready to take the next step?  Reiki Level II is the class you are looking for.  Completed Level I and Level II and ready to take that final plunge? The Reiki Master training is the next step.  

Jackie, following the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, is a Reiki Master-Teacher 12th in line of lineage of Dr. Usui. Jackie will lead you through all levels of Reiki training and will support you in all phases of your journey.  Upon completing any of the Reiki classes listed below at Be Well Studios, you will be invited to join our monthly Reiki Share.  Our monthly Reiki Share, lead by Jackie, provides a place to practice sharing and receiving Reiki in a safe and welcoming environment. 


Here is what you can expect with each level:


Reiki Level I

During the Level I class, we will go over the history of Reiki, learn about Reiki principals, Chakras and treatments.

Saturday, April 18 (9 am to 2 pm). Register for Level 1.


Reiki Level II

The Level II class goes over benefits of bridging time and space as well as the Reiki Symbols. You will learn to incorporate both in your Reiki practice.  The prerequisite for Level II Training is completing Level I certification 21 days or more prior to taking Reiki Level II. (Note: if Reiki Level I was taken with someone other than Jackie, you will need to present a copy of your Reiki Level I certification at the beginning of class.) 

Saturday, May 9 (9 am to 2 pm). Register for Level 2.


Reiki Level III

Reiki Level III provides two options: Reiki Master or Reiki Master-Teacher. This is a one-on-one training scheduled around the needs of the student and teacher.  To begin study at the Reiki Master or Reiki Master-Teacher level, one must have completed both Levels I and II. 

Please contact Jackie with any questions or to see when the next class will be available. Jackie can be reached via email, or via phone 269-584-0090.  Check out Reiki with Jackie on Facebook.

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