Natural Self-Care Workshops

with Kimberly Howes, ND

Dr. Howes joins us on the first Saturday of each month for a casual workshop on natural self-care. Have an idea for an upcoming workshop? We'd love to hear about it!  Workshops are $15 prepay ($20 at the door). Register and prepay with PayPal or register via email.  Upcoming workshops include:

November 2:  Gut Health, Part Two  

We will continue learning about how pathogenic microbes take hold of our GI tract and overall health.  We will discuss how to determine and address the root cause instead of symptom management.  


December 7:  Mood 

Many people experience unpleasant chronic mood patterns like depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder (as known as the winter blues).  In this workshop we will discuss what affects our moods from genetics to lifestyle and how you can support yourself to feel better in a meaningful way.  

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