FAQs and Yoga Etiquette

When choosing to incorporate yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle, there are a few things to remember whether we practice at home or in a studio. Always listen to the body, honoring our strengths as well as our limits.  This is Yoga Practice - not Yoga Perfect. This practice is meant to bring us joy...have fun!

"Yoga is a disciplined practice in a sacred space." 

~B.K.S. Iyengar

 Please follow these respectful guidelines when practicing at Be Well Studios:

  1. Arrive a few minutes early and plan to stay for the whole class.
  2. Avoid wearing fragrances as many yogis are sensitive to fragrance.
  3. Remove your shoes in the studio lobby.
  4. Silence your cell phone.
  5. Do not chew gum.
  6. Follow the teacher's instructions, however, listen to and honor your body first and foremost.

I arrived a few minutes late. Why was the door locked?

For the safety and respect of our students who are practicing, we lock the doors while classes are in session.  Please allow enough time to check in and arrive on your mat before the class is scheduled to begin.

I'm a beginner. Which class is right for me?

Be Well Studios offers many different class types taught by a variety of instructors. For beginners, we suggest our monthly Yoga Basics workshop (a great way to learn about postures and alignment), or classes listed as All-levels or Level 1. 

Are cell phones allowed in the studio?

Yogis are encouraged to leave their cell phones in the lobby. If you feel you must have your phone with you due to an emergency, please turn the phone to "vibrate" and let the instructor know. 

Are children allowed?

Children are welcome to attend our family-friendly events. Children over 16 are welcome to attend yoga classes.

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